Security culture is everything

Let us Train your Employees For Cyber Awareness

We plan, target and execute your phishing campaigns to increase the awareness in your company.
Every campaign ends with relevant training. 

Wise Phishing Simulation

We Create and Run Unique & Smart Campaigns

Our team tailoring campaigns and create sophisticated spearhead testings – specially for your employees profilies.

Hackers and Spammers improve constantly. We make sure your employees will be aware and keep your company safe. 

We increase Awareness

With Smarter Solutions

24/7 Phish Sim

Our PhishPesh systems will simulate spam emails to your company, tracking and reporting employees cyber awareness constantly.

JIT Training

All campaign's misbehave flow ends with Just-In-time specific and updated knowledge improvement of awareness, using relevant reading, quizzes and videos.

Positive Feedback

All positive campaign flow (not open / reported) will end with a positive feedback for the employees, encourage them to keep up with their cyber awareness.


In-depth report are periodically delivered to the IT manager, including serial-clickers highlights, overall awareness improvement charts and LMS reports.

SMShing Campaigns

We support creation of SMShing campaigns - as we know a spearhead targeting will search your employees on the place they are most comfortable - their Mobile.

Real-Time Alerts

Misbehave of focus groups and personals, with designated high priority and high risk - will be immediately reported to the security manager via email or SMS.

PRT campaigns

Pickup Resilient Testing - our unique physical campaigns. Testing your employees resilient for connections of unknown USB devices.

WebINT reports

We conduct web analyse and public data collection for specific departments and high priority personals, For the security manager to know the company exposure and vulnerability.

Data collection

Our unique phish system support reporting and analyzing of extra layer of misbehave: the 3'rd layer of data collection - to detect the weakest human links in your company.

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