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GoPhish on Steroids

One-Stop Cyber Awareness Solution

Our PhishPesh awareness system is based on the Open-Source GoPhish system, enhanced and upgraded to our unique out-of-the-box solutions and features.

Cyber security solutions and methods are ever evolving and improved.
Black-Box solutions are not flexible and are slow to react to the fast phased needs of the cyber war.

With deep roots on proven Open-Source framework, we can assure constant community fix and upgrades, combined with our cutting edge features and smart solutions.

SMShing Campaigns

Mobile Is a MUST!

Any Awareness solution can not be complete without SMShing testing. 
Many of available awareness solutions ignoring the fact that many phishing attacks are in fact SMShing attack. We decided to address the issue and make any Phishing campaign available also as SMShing campaign.

LMS Integration

Better Learning Curve

Every good campaign ends with relevant learning information. Our integrated top notched Learning Management System will guarantee JIT  (Just In Time) quiz, case-study, news or explanatory video , to verify point taken by misbehave employee.

Positive Feedback

Empower Employees

Every good manager knows that except of tracking and improving weak links in your systems – you must provide a positive feedback to these employees who are doing it RIGHT in order to keep high responsiveness and awareness over time.

Spearhead & WebINT

Priority groups Awareness

As a security manager, you can identify and highlight the main important roles in your organization, the employees that you just can’t afford to “loose”.
The F-35 schematics were stolen because one single spearhead phishing attack.  
No automatic or “machine learning” system can do better spearhead attack than a dedicated hacker. 
Our team is manually analyze your priority group and test their awareness in dedicated campaign that are specifically tailored.

Physical Campaigns

Real World Awarness

Our unique PAT (Pickup Awareness Test) will make your employees think differently about cuber security. 
No more “an office only thing”. Cyber Awareness is everywhere.
We will create and provide unique USB devices that can be scatter around the facilities, potentially picked-up by your employees and plugged-in to their station at work or at home. Yes, we take cyber awareness to an whole new level. 

Real Time Alerts

Some links can't be broken

Your priority group personals can’t wait till the campaign ends or periodic reports are analyzed by your IT team.
Priority group employees misbehave are reported immediately, via SMS and Email, to the awareness manager or the security team. 

multi awareness tracking and learning

4D Cyber awareness tires

Awareness campaign is not finished on the first click on the spam email.

Some employees will delete the email and not even open it. some will forward and report it to the security team. some will willingly give important information that will help in future spearhead attacks…
We are trucking all these layers, to have better reports and analytic data of your diverse employees routines.

On all layers will await the relevant learning information for your employee, improving and minimizing misbehaving encounters.

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We are basing our PhishPesh system on GoPhish open-source system, as it a mature and stable system for phishing simulation. The system is widely used and maintained by a large community. Open source meaning that many cyber enthusiasts are using, fixing and upgrading it constantly. 
Bundle it with our unique and sophisticated features – you got a win-win system in unbeatable price.

No. Our service is SaaS. meaning all our system is on our own servers, 100% disconnected from the client premises. 

Sure! Lets meet and analyze your specific needs. we will provide the most accurate solution and features to fit your requirements and budget.

We are a team of technology professionals. We are out-of-the-box thinkers with fresh approach to old fashion problems. 
We provide features like SMShing, WebINT and Spearhead Attacks as part of our default bundle solution. features that other companies fail to offer, or will charge you extra for.
Together with our improve approach to Learning methods (like Positive Feedback) – we are offering a better service in better price. 

No automated/ Machine learning system will truly simulate a real human side attack attempt. Our system is managed and run by team of professionals that will better improve your company’s Cyber Awareness.

All we need is an CSV file, with your employees full names, work title or department, email and mobile phone number. This will be enough to generate your company’s DB and start efficient cyber awareness campaigns.

Frequency of campaigns are decided by you, the client. usually we advice to run a monthly campaign on all the company, while “in between” these campaigns, we randomly run spearhead campaigns on detected weak links, serial clickers and priority group employees. 

No. we are creating, managing, executing and reporting all campaigns to you. there is no activity required by you except providing initial data and analyzing the reports we will provide.

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